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February 11, 2014


Suzanne Longacre

Great article! It will be very interesting to see whether this decision pays off in the short and long term. I hope it does as selling tobacco products is hypocritical for a wellness company. But I agree that they then need to look at all their unhealthy products and remove those too. Maybe they need to rebrand as more of a "health food/supply store". Their existing category is so crowded that maybe this will set them apart. But it is risky for sure.

Derek Davis

I own a restaurant in the city of Philadelphia.
About 9 years ago i decided that i no longer wanted to have people smoking in my bar. i did not enjoy being there and i figured i was just too old to be putting up with it. I made the decision to go smoke free. i never sold cigarettes at my bar either. Initially i lost quite a few customers, but i made up in new customers once they found out they could enjoy a drink without inhaling somebody else's cigarettes. My bar became very popular and it became a place that was very popular to eat at. My new customer was very appreciative of that. 2 years afterwards the city went non smoking and 2 years after that, the state of PA. The folks who left me initially have come back and now smoke outside. Of course i sell liquor which is another vice. I'll bet CVS will still sell liquor where they can and probably will get into medical marijuana when and where it can.

Jessica Deegan

This was fascinating, Bill, and very well-written. Thanks for sharing!

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